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New Perspectives: Dominican Republic
Natasha Despotovic - Project Director and Editor-in-Chief

Ideas are born in the most unexpected occasions. The magic of a moment, a brief glance, a thought that sparkles in the mind imploring to be materialized. During a helicopter flight from Santo Domingo to Punta Cana, whose purpose was any other but to take aerial pictures of Dominican landscapes, we were overcome by the beauty that extended beneath our feet. The camera responded to this unsuspected moment of grace with a series of images that sprung to life one after the other: sugarcane fields swaying under the breeze, waves crashing against the rugged sea coast. A dialogue between the Earth and the sky was established. Before we realized it, the idea for the book was born. This trip led to many more and their spell is still vivid in our minds. We hope to convey at least partially the intensity of this magnificent experience and lead you into the discovery of an unknown face of the Dominican Republic. Enjoy!

Natasha Despotovic
Project Director and Editor-in-Chief

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